Decisions Decisions – Nawlins Exotica

Michael Mandrake


Greetings readers. A little news about N’awlins Exotica. Back in 2012, I came up with a magnificent idea. Why not write a series set in New Orleans about a detective who dates a stripper. Oh it was a wonderful idea and while writing the book, I came up with more books in the process. It spurred on 3 separate series, where the characters for Kajika Fortier and Frankie Choteau were also mentioned in the paranormal side with the twins as well as a possible collection involving Rawiya’s WIP’s called Masquerade.

Well, 4 years later and the series is almost complete. Today while I uploaded Hell Hath, I figured this series has run it’s course. The last N’awlins Exotica book will hopefully been done and edited by Christmas. That’s the goal anyway. In that book I intend to wrap up the serial killer plot as well as bring Naomi Beneviere and…

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