Saturday Sips – The Wretched 1.1

WT1  As promised, here is a snippet from The Wretched Tales 1.1

Book One

Corey’s Debut

Over the loudspeaker

“Ladies and gentlemen, crowd surfing and/or moshing will result in immediate dismissal from the venue. Enjoy the show.”

In a drug filled haze, I stood on the stage with my new band mates. The lights dimmed, the crowd chanting, “Wretched, wretched,” in unison, throwing up the horns as if in a similar trance. I’d been with several acts, toiling in the background as the spare, the fill in, the resident head banger while others gained the spotlight. Now was my turn to be the one. And even better in the most sought after metal act from the west coast of North America, The Wretched.

“You ready Corey? You better play your ass off tonight so they’ll forget about Randy’s stupid butt,” yelled Nicolai Zander with a wry smile.

Excited as a pig in shit, I responded with a nod and gave my bass a couple of plucks.

Once he turned his attention back to the crowd, he changed his expression immediately from smirk to scowl. The short, pudgy runt everyone came to know and love stalked the stage like Napoleon with a microphone in hand. As per usual, Nicolai donned baggy black trousers with pockets down both sides, chains hanging from every loop and hole. His Testament t-shirt and his trademark cowboy boots had both seen better days, but it made up the persona known as Nicolai Zander. The, ‘I don’t give a fuck ‘cause I’m the leader of this bunch of misfits’ kind of look. Glassy greenish blue eyes peered at his minions, and he returned their adulation with his own one finger salute and tongue wag.


“Wretched, wretched, wretched…” the swarm of metal heads chanted, the spotlight shone on me, then Nicolai one after the other. Within seconds, the background music faded, and drummer Bryan started the first beats of our legendary song Devil’s Isle.

“YEOOOHHHH…” Nicolai screeched like a cat in heat and threw his gloved fist up in the air. True metalers formed a circle pit, running into one another, arms up, the looks on their faces, pure aggression. Others leapt on top of various shoulders, attempting to surf closer to the stage causing the security guys a lot of headache, but I fucking loved it.

This is what I’ve wanted other than a steady lay I could call my very own. This is my fucking life! This is what every young man dreams about from puberty in mom’s house to grown ass man living in mom’s basement.

I am Corey from The Wretched, and I have arrived!

“Corey, I wanna have your baby!”

Disturbing me from my shining moment, a young lady, looking like a two bit whore, squealed and held her hands up in the air.

Nah, nah, no ya don’t, for all you know I might eat the critters for breakfast. I like kids but only when they don’t belong to me. Besides, I’m too damn selfish to have offspring, and if you listen to my mom and dad, they’ll tell ya I might not have the mental capacity to raise a kid. This boy from Boston loves his single life. Oh sorry, make that life without little fuckers running around. I’m just not cut out to be a daddy, so I avoid those situations like the plague. Sure I’ve wanted the relationship, but no children are allowed. That’s the only thing that’s stopped me from hitting it up something serious with a gal.

Oh yeah, and my feelings for men. Yeah I’m sexually open. Not gay, not straight, not bisexual, I take pleasure in a little bit of everything. Pansexual is what they call it. Yep, they got names for everything don’t they? Actually, I like males a little more than females, and that I can’t share with another soul so don’t you dare tell! In this world of heavy metal, dudes just can’t be into other dudes. Sure, we all know about Rob Halford and even the crazy fuck Ghaal from Gorgoroth. It seems to be more acceptable that they’re openly gay, but I don’t think I could handle the pressure of being out; the constant chiding from band mates and peers, the press most likely writing bad things about me. I’ve got a new career to think about, and for this reason I keep my sexual desires to myself.

Makes for a lonely life at this point but what else am I going to do? Being part of one of the biggest metal bands of the new millennium is a big responsibility and I’ll be damned if I squander it away because of some random rolling in the hay with a man!

“Corey… ahhhhh… look over here!” Seemingly excited with my display on bass and my appearance, another chesty blond showed me her best assets, teasing them with her long fingernails and licking her big red lips in my general direction.

Hmm not bad!

Sure it gave me a little jolt down below, but it did nothing more than that. I’d rather see a large dicked man at the moment and since that wasn’t happening here, I might as well enjoy her little show.

“Damn Corey, looks like you already got a fan club man,” Guitarist Allen Cohen yelled in my ear, elbowed me, and winked. “’Member, we’re band mates dude and we share everything!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I ignored him and went back to engrossing myself in the music. Yeah it wasn’t that long ago I was at home, living in mom’s basement, dreaming about being here with The Wretched and now that I’m part of the band, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Okay, yes I can but that’s a subject for much later.

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