New Cover for Wounded Pride!

woundedpride   OMG! Look at the cover for Wounded Pride. *pants* Isn’t it beautiful? We have waited a long time for this release to see the light of day.

This is the follow-up to Wounded Hearts, but now with Renford and Brian because a few people asked where is their story! Well, it is finally coming in Jan 2017! Please keep your eyes out for it.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Wounded Hearts, please do so. Remember, we have French and Italian versions of the book as well!

Wounded Hearts

French –

Italian –

English –

Now the blurb for Wounded Pride

Renford Kline is straight… right? He got over his experimentation in college and moved on. Then how does he explain his blush-inducing fantasies about Brian Daystar? Fantasies he’s having when he should be focused on his career move from attorney to professor. When Brian comes to New York, Renford knows he’s in trouble. Everything about Brian attracts him—from his tight body to his beautiful, dark, hair—but Renford is straight… right?

Brian Daystar needs a break. He’s been working nonstop to turn his Montana ranch into a safe haven for at-risk youth—so much so that he can’t even bring himself to care when he finds out his partner, country star Corey, is cheating on him. Their relationship has been over for a long time, but it might take his feelings for Renford to make Brian accept it.

Both men have decisions to make. Renford must come to terms with who he truly is, and Brian is going to have to decide if he will shun his happiness or embrace it.

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