News for me, The Wicked Gal!

Sexy legs and ass pose by fit young african model  Well, some news from me, BLMorticia. I’ve finished the first draft of Hirah 3. I’m stoked and at the same time a little sad. I’ve really enjoyed writing this character as well as Chad. There are more Wretched spinoffs planned so I know I will show them off again. Book 2 is with my editor. I’m looking to get it out by next week. Here is the link if you’d like to read the series for FREE on KU!



The Wretched Tales are on Amazon in 3 volumes. You can pick up all 3 there for $2.97! Here is the link




utg2aUTG 2 will be up this weekend. I’m finally ready and it’ll be an Amazon KDP release so you won’t see it anyone else. If you haven’t read book 1, you can do so here! Read it for FREE if you’re part of KU. I’m starting UTG 3 as we speak. I intended it to be done days ago, but its hella hard sharing the head with so many other muses. *winks*



Which brings me to this. I believe I’d already blogged about taking a little break. Shar wants to commit time to Michael as well as 2 new muses. One of them is Veronica Bagby, who you already heard from, but haven’t read anything from because there are no books. Shar hopes to get out a book or 2 for Veronica this year and since I am a bossy muse, she is putting me on the backburner until Mayish. At that time, I hope to start redoing My Lieutenant as well as a book my co-author and I already submitted and might tweak to push it elsewhere. No worries, I will still be posting something. A picture, a review. Keeping you informed about any BL releases!

In the meantime, please keep up with my brother muse Michael Mandrake. He is doing 3 books right now and is looking to do more before I come back in May! 

If you aren’t following me on Facebook, please do. My page is here

Thanks for all the support


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