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Hirah  Okay. Now I know how Michael felt when I took over the head. GEEZ. I’m chomping at the bit to write and Michael is in the middle of another story and about to start another. God, will I ever get done with UTG? I dunno. I suppose when the others fall out Kindle Unlimited, which is another reason for my post.


So, I have UTG and Hirah coming out of KU by the end of August. I’d love for both stories to be done and available. Hirah is done and just needs edits, but as I said, UTG is still being worked on. We’re hoping to finish that in a couple of weeks. Then, it ill be released by Late August/Early September.

What I’m positive of is Hirah since she is done. We’ll be sending it to the editor and releasing it just in time for all the books to come out of KU and be placed everywhere. I hope that means you guys will support it.

What else am I hoping to work on? When I’m writing?


I have a baseball short and I’ll also begin doing a short story series called Fender Benders. They’ll be GLBTQ shorts of 10-15K or less depending on the story. Very hot, erotic, and ahem, well strokers!

Also, I have the You Don’t Ask series I’ll be doing. If You’ve followed me, you may remember it was a full length book, but I decided to turn it into short stories. Much like Fender Benders they’ll be short strokers too just with a military feel.

I also have plans for another story with Remmy Duchene and finally doing the follow up to Odd Couple. The first will get a cover facelift and maybe if I can get done, we can see it by Xmas. No worries, I won’t allow Shar to kick me to the curb. We have way too many rockstar stories to tell. Now, if only I can get a word in edgewise.


Hirah 1&2 FREE at Amazon

Hirah 1

Hirah 2

And don’t forget, in order to read Hirah, you must read The Wretched Tales. 

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