Saturday Sips Under the Gun 3

UTG3aAs promised, a sip for Under the Gun 3. And remember the sale! Buy books 1&3 for $0.99 until Monday!

After almost three years, Camdyn Hardy and Malik Day are at the top of their game, solving cases, and solidifying their relationship on and off the job. With so much business, they don’t have time for anything else. And much to their administrative assistant’s chagrin, she is often subjected to loud groans and skin slapping sounds coming from their office. 

Despite this, there is another case to solve with a wife who believes her husband is cheating. The client wants him followed in a timely manner because she wants to move on. Camdyn and Malik perform the tasks and in doing so make a discovery, Nicole Stanton surely won’t want to hear. 

Once again, the couple’s professionalism is being tested. They have an obligation to give Mrs. Stanton the information she seeks. However with newfound details, Malik and Camdyn have a conflict of interest that hits home. 

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Chapter One (R rated Excerpt)

“Holy shit! Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.”

Malik grumbled, staring at the multiple stacks of folders on his desk. For the past four days and who knows how many hours, Malik tried putting all Camdyn’s old cases in databases for him to reference if needed. Unlike Camdyn, Malik saw no need to keep the dusty things and convinced his fiancé to store digitally instead. Camdyn hated the idea, but went along with it, Malik supposed just to make him happy.

Despite all the improvements Malik had made, his man was still in the dark ages, not bothering to learn the new technology. Malik knew Camdyn would have to soon enough because he’d send all the files to the shredder. Besides, the record room Camdyn kept would be for the new agent they hired. They couldn’t have him or her in the same office, knowing how much he and Camdyn liked to play during work.

In the two years Malik had joined Camdyn, making Hardy and Day PI services, the amount of cases had tripled, bringing in a nice sum of cash for the couple. They’d even made the move from Camdyn’s bungalow in the burbs to a property closer to the ocean. That way, Malik could do his third favorite thing besides shooting guns and having sex.


Malik enjoyed it as a kid and hadn’t done it since he returned to California. Now, he’d get to go all the time, living close to the water. And with an extra private investigator on staff, Malik hoped he’d be able to steal time to enjoy the waves when not working on cases.

“Babe? I’m back.”

Camdyn’s country drawl disturbed Malik, and he eyed his man, looking fine as ever. His blondish brown hair fell in waves over his broad shoulders. Due to the heat, Camdyn wore a tank top and shorts, showing off the muscled, inked legs Malik loved tangling himself up in whenever he got the chance. With the sea blue eyes and pearly white smile, Camdyn was a shoe-in for any clothing or cologne advertisement.  Malik thanked the gods for finding a hot man at the shooting range two-and-a-half years ago.

Wearing that signature grin, Camdyn strutted inside their office.

“Hey. I hope you got lunch because I’m starved.”

“Sure do, sugah. Got corned beef on rye from that new place up the street, Martin’s Deli.” Camdyn closed the door behind him and sauntered to Malik’s desk. Immediately, Camdyn leaned down, engulfing Malik’s lips into his own.

“Mmph.” Malik lost himself in the feeling and grasped onto Camdyn’s collar to keep him there. “Missed you, Cam. What took you so long?”

“Ah, I stopped to see my old buddies at LAPD. We got to talking, and I lost track of time. I knew you were here working on those files. I still don’t get why when you could’ve left them.” Camdyn pulled away and took sandwiches out of the bag.

Malik shrugged. “Camdyn, it has to be done. And, I already told you, the new PI needs that space.”

“Aw, a couple of file cabinets wouldn’t have hurt them.”

“Cam, there were six. And we have plenty more to file away since we’ve been racking up all these cases. Now that the new year’s here, everything is going into the database. We’ll destroy all the files. Sierra’s working on a bunch too. Thank goodness you’d only been in business four years before I came along or else you’d have a lot more,” Malik grinned.

“Uh huh, I know,” Camdyn shrugged. “Your way is better, blah, blah blah.” Camdyn took a seat on the corner of the desk that wasn’t full of old files.

“Not just better, baby. More efficient.” Malik took the sandwich handed to him.

“It’s soooo efficient you and Sierra are wasting time putting these things on the computer.” Camdyn bit into his lunch. “Her, I don’t care so much about because she’s our secretary, but you’re my lover. You been at this the whole week. We haven’t had that much time for lovin’ in here.”

Malik shook his head as he chewed. When he finished, he took his time to swallow. “Cam, we’ll have it. And our administrative assistant is a lot quicker than me too. She used to do data entry, so she types a high number of keystrokes as opposed to me, who is only tapping. I’ve seen the girl in action. She’s laser fast.”

“Okay, then let her do them all.”

“Can’t do that. That wouldn’t be fair. Besides, her and Marcus have lunch together almost every day. It’s the only way he’s able to see her while he still carries on the facade for his parents.”

Camdyn sighed. “Well, that’s the bed Marcus made and Sierra wanted to be in it with him. Ah, anyway, you’re as stubborn as an ox so I know I won’t convince ya otherwise. Just save time for me before our next client comes in.”

“Oh fuck. What time? I forgot.” Malik grimaced and took another bite of his corned beef.

“Close to quitting time, but I said I’d do it since she seems to be in a rush to get this over with. She promised to pay us handsomely. It might be almost as much as the Deboneri’s did.”

Malik nodded, remembering his first actual client as part of Hardy and Day PI. Anthony Deboneri and his wife wanted more information on the man their daughter was marrying and hired them to dig dirt up on him. He was totally clean until they met up with Marcus at the Red Light club one night with Sierra on his arm.

Although a clusterfuck at first, it worked out when Laura and Sierra talked to Laura’s parents, telling them how crazy Bible thumpers the Marcus’s parents were. Once they found that out, they were very, supportive. Marcus and Laura married as planned. Though it worked out, Malik still didn’t agree with Marcus’s choice to remain in the closet, but he understood why.

“Well, perhaps that’ll help pay for the wedding then and we won’t have to touch our savings,” Malik said to Camdyn, squeezing his leg.

“Baby, I already told you I had a couple of investments. I’m liquidating all of those so we can do our dream wedding in Honolulu. It’s gonna be so small of an event, we can afford to fly everybody out.”

“Are you sure you wanna do that? I mean, you don’t have to.”

Camdyn finished his meal, hopped off the desk, then knelt on one knee. He grabbed Malik’s hand and kissed it. “Sweetheart, I want to. I don’t need those investments anymore. They’re under-performing, anyway. Might as well cash ‘em in because I can’t find a better way to blow through thousands than to make my baby happy with the wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.”

Malik smiled and crouched down to kiss his fiancé, passionately. Tastes of mustard and pickle tangled in with his own buds and he lavished in it thoroughly. “Dammit, I love you, Camdyn Hardy.”

“I love you too, Malik Day. Now.” Camdyn stood up straight and tugged on his belt. “How’s about a little fun before the client comes in? She don’t show until five so that’ll give us about ninety minutes.”

Malik bowed his head and leaned back in the chair, staring at Camdyn with hungry eyes. “That’s fine with me. I suppose I could stop what I’m doing to give you some play.”

“Yes, you could. You’re looking mighty hot in that chair right now and I wanna ride you like that.” Camdyn loosened his belt and unbuttoned his shorts. Once he had the button and zipper undone, he tugged and pushed them halfway down to reveal his rock-hard dick, weeping pre-cum from the slit.

“Wow, baby. I had no idea you were going commando today,” Malik said with a smile. He ran his hand over Camdyn’s erection, swiping his finger through the clear substance on the tip of Camdyn’s cock. Malik sucked on that finger and licked his lips, still ogling Camdyn while he unbuttoned his own pants.

“Damn, you taste good. I want more of it, but I’d rather penetrate you first.”

“I want you in there, sweets.”

After Malik finished undoing his trousers, he opened his drawer and fished out the lube they kept on hand. He popped the cap and squeezed some on his fingertips, then slathered it on his cock.

Still watching Malik, Camdyn leaned down, removing his shorts and shoes before crawling onto Malik’s lap. Camdyn grabbed the slick, squeezed a small amount out, and reached behind himself to prep for Malik. Once done, Camdyn placed both legs on either side of Malik’s body.

“Camdyn.” Malik inhaled and pulled Camdyn in closer for them to share a kiss. While they tangled tongues, Malik pulled his lover closer to rub his hardened flesh against Camdyn’s hole.

“Jesus, Malik. Oh God.” Camdyn thrust his tongue in Malik’s mouth, breathing hard. He grasped his own rod in his hand, jerking himself off while they kissed.

“Cam. Oh fuck, I’m not gonna last long.” Malik sighed into his lover’s embrace, while pressing his erection into Camdyn’s tight space. The moment Malik invaded Camdyn’s rear entrance, Malik gasped and closed his eyes tight, seeing stars. Regardless of whether they played with the guns or did it the vanilla way, the effect was always the same. His body reacted favorably to Camdyn’s muscled frame flushed against him.

The heat swarmed around his head, making him perspire. Malik’s breaths hampered being one with the man who offered him a lifetime of love and a new career. A new life that Malik would always be grateful for. They’d gotten engaged and would soon be married in paradise. What could be better than that? Malik had fought tooth and nail for his own parents to understand and despite losing their respect, he continued to be with the man that made him the happiest.

* * * *


“Shit, Malik, that feels amazing.” Camdyn rode on Malik’s hard dick as if he were riding a bucking bronco back in South Carolina. No one made the former cop of LAPD happier than his romantic and professional partner, Malik Day.

With his former lover Tay in his rearview mirror, Camdyn finally had what he’d wanted most in life. Someone who loved him and only him, not bothering to look anywhere else. Like Camdyn, Malik didn’t have a wavering eye, looking for the next bed to jump into. He was devoted to their business and their relationship, making their partnership a match made in heaven. When Camdyn met Malik that day at the shooting range, it had changed his life forever. Something he’ll always look back on with fondness.

A sweet love story Camdyn and Malik would tell their children someday.

Love was possible no matter what challenges lie ahead. Malik and Camdyn were living proof.

“Cam…I’m close, baby,” Malik said to Camdyn in between lip locks and thrusts inside his body. He wrapped his muscled and tattooed arms around Camdyn, holding him against his tight frame.

“Then do it. Don’t hold back.” Camdyn lazily kissed Malik as they moved against one another in rhythm, building the pressure in Camdyn’s groin. He didn’t take his gaze off Malik, watching the various expressions on his face.



Pure bliss.

Camdyn enjoyed it all and didn’t want to miss a thing.

“So close. Wanna… Ugh.” Malik’s voice cut when he picked up the pace, thrusting inside of Camdyn.

“Jesus.” Camdyn held onto Malik’s shoulders and finally gave in, closing his eyes to brace for the explosion. Lightning bolts flashed behind his eyelids. Sharp bursts of color, changing from one to another as his orgasm built in his groin. Camdyn sucked in a breath, meeting Malik’s motions with his own while capturing his lover’s lips in a searing kiss.  Camdyn clenched his thighs, bearing down to keep him inside so Malik would come and pump him full of his release.

“Fuck!” Malik pulled away, screaming at the top of his lungs and pushing his body upwards.

Camdyn grabbed Malik’s head, bringing their mouths together once again. Holding a trembling Malik in his arms, Camdyn shuddered and growled into Malik’s embrace while Malik filled him with his cum. Camdyn sensed the pressure in his own groin spiraling out of control and in moments, his cock spurted between them, leaving a sticky mess on him and his lover. Reluctantly, he pulled away and used his finger to swipe through the white liquid on his cock’s tip to give Malik a taste.

Malik accepted it without a word, then grabbed hold of Camdyn, bringing their mouths together again to share.

“Damn.” Malik whispered, out of breath. “It gets better every time we do it, baby. We haven’t lost a step, even after two-and-a-half years.”

Camdyn chuckled, still tangling his tongue with Malik’s. “Do you want to? I mean, we’ve had lots of practice with the gun and without.”

“No doubt, babe. When we get home, the .45 is coming to bed with us, though,” Malik responded with a smile.

“I don’t take issue with that.” Camdyn nodded, refusing to get up from Malik’s lap, relishing in his lover’s dick still lodged inside of his ass. Apparently, Malik didn’t seem to mind.

“Feels like you’re still hard, sugah.”

“A little,” Malik managed through hampered breaths, pulling Camdyn close to him again. He pressed his moist forehead against Camdyn’s and licked the bridge of Camdyn’s nose.

“Now, I’m not gonna want to work.” Malik thrust into Camdyn more.

“So, do as I said and give Sierra the rest of the files,” Camdyn replied, moving along with Malik. Though it meant he’d probably be sore and full of cum, Camdyn wished to milk his lover some more.

“That… that’ll keep her occupied and she’ll give us more time to have fun while−ah shit−we wait for the client,” Camdyn stuttered out.

Malik growled in response and nipped at Camdyn’s neck. “Not all of them, but maybe I will give her some after we shower. Thank goodness we keep changes of clothes around here.”

“Yep.” Still keeping up the pace as best as he could, Camdyn looked down at the white puddles on Malik’s shirt then back at his lover.

“Yeah, or we’d be in a world of trouble.”


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