News: Contract signed for Love Voodoo


Only muses, not actual models for book!

Good news folks!

Shar just signed a contract for Love Voodoo!

Projected release day is between June and August of 2019


*runs around madly*

Here is the working blurb:

Internet star, Cayden Wythe is burned out. After countless interviews with so-called journalists, he’s ready for an extended vacation. Instead of a tropic hideaway, he picks New Orleans because of the paranormal lore of the city. Although a big-time pessimist, he’s interested in the Big Easy’s haunts and why it’s considered one of the spookiest places in America.

Trent DeFleur grew up on the streets without a family. Thanks to the kindness of community members and friends, Trent works at a voodoo shop and volunteers at the newest LGBTQ youth center in Nola. A certified wierdo, Trent also puts his acting talent to good use by doing ghost tours for extra cash. At age twenty-three he’s helping other orphans and drifters to find their way.

When Cayden and Trent meet at the voodoo shop, heated glances are exchanged. Other than Cayden’s relentless flirtation, some unexplainable and unusual force pushes them together. Something even a skeptic like Cayden can agree is more than just a little out of the ordinary.

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