Jerks Like Us is OUT NOW!

jerkslikeusKao doesn’t follow rules, he makes them. Can Brody fight the KPOP star’s allure and protect him from harm?

Kao has always wanted to dance to the beat of his own drum. Although he was successful with the band, he opted to leave his home country in search of superstardom. Performing was all he ever wanted to do, but it could be done without the rigorous schedule. Besides, how can you find a boyfriend while practicing for countless hours? You can’t which is why Kao has spent most of his adult life alone.

Brody is done being a cop, so he took a high paying gig at a security agency. Now instead of chasing criminals, he keeps fanboys and girls away from the world’s biggest stars. Without the pressure of his life being on the line, he could easily lose concentration. Especially when the client is someone who pushes all of his buttons.

A threat has been made against Kao and he needs a bodyguard. Brody is hired for a long term stint that takes him abroad. This is plenty of time for the two men to get close, but will their actions prove to be fatal for Kao?

Falling in love could be a nail in Kao’s coffin.

Jerks Like Us features a KPOP star with weird kinks and a bodyguard who tries to save him from himself. This story includes an opposites attract, slight age gap, and hot romance with a swoony happy ever after ending.

Jerks Like Us is part of the “Like Us” collection. All books are standalone, with it’s only connection being the supporting characters.

This book is on Kindle Unlimited


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