Serving Under the Gaydar

Gaydarcvr  Blurb: During the pre-repeal of DADT, gay army men and women face more challenges while trying to serve. Being caught literally and figuratively with their pants down would get them kicked out the force and shamed in front of fellow soldiers. Something no member of the armed forces wanted to deal with.

Second Lieutenant, Darios Bright is one of those people. A med student, at the top of his class and worried about staying hidden, he lives the life of a hermit, staying away from his peers gay or straight except for his buddy Darcy McEvers.

First Lieutenant Morrie Dunst wants the opportunity to move up in rank while he keeps his sexuality at bay. However, because of a special opportunity given to him by Colonel Peyton Jacobs, Morrie might be able to let loose while keeping his sights on the ultimate goal.

Despite the challenges ahead, both men are looking to keep their careers intact while they have a little fun. With the ugly threat of don’t ask, don’t tell still rearing its ugly head, can they enjoy themselves on base without getting caught?

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