Welcome Back Dakota Trace, or um Livvy the Muse

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.*skips into the room, the slides to a halt*  “Hey, I’ve been here before!”

Of course you have, Livvy.  BL has always been gracious enough to let us visit during our blog hops. *turns to readers*  Hi, I’m Dakota, and that *points at corset wearing dominatrix* …happens to be my muse, Olivia…well, Livvy for short.  She gets a bit peeved when I call her by her namesakes first name.

*arches brow*  “Don’t even get me started on that woman, slave. She should mine her own damned business.”  *grins*  “Maybe I should go and visit Jude and Micah…they need a good shake up, and lord knows that woman needs to be kept on her toes…”

*groans*  No.  Don’t even think about it.  Or I’m not letting you in the club when we revisit Olivia’s for Carlos’s story….*takes a deep breath, ignoring muse’s squeal of protest.  “But we’re not here today to talk about Chicago.  Nope we’re here to talk about Thanksgiving in Napa – a little scavenger hunt I came up with to celebrate the release of my upcoming book, Benevolent Master.

“Yeah, the one I helped her write…which is why it only makes sense that I get my fudge before Alyce gets her pie….”

*shakes head*  Dear lord, not again.  We’ve already discussed this, Livvy. I’ll make your damned fudge AFTER I finish Alyce’s pumpkin pie. *holds out hand*  I almost got all the stuff I need, so cough up the pumpkin, chica….then I’ll think about making your fudge.

*pouts*  “I don’t wanna.”
*rolls eyes*  It’s either the flogger or the pumpkin, your choice.  I can always ask Kaleb or Davis to come in and give me a helping hand. They know exactly how to use a flogger on a woman…

*glares* “You wouldn’t dare!”

*holds out hand* Try me.

“Bitch!”  *But hands over can*pumpkin6

Thank you.  Now the readers can enter pumpkin into the rafflecopter for today’s entry. If they get drawn they will be the lucky winner of a signed set of print books (The Doms of Napa 1-3), that really cool flogger that Livvy’s hording at the moment, and some swag I’ll throw in as a bonus…I’ll be drawing the winner on the 19th and posting it on my  author FB page. *turns to muse*  Want to tell them about the sale?

*crosses arms over chest* “No…”

You know a pouting muse isn’t all that attractive, Livvy.

“I wouldn’t be pouting if you’d make my fudge, slave!”  *stomps off*

*sighs*  Such a drama queen….anyway, about that sale….up until release day, Benevolent Master will be at the low price of $2.99.  That’s almost half off of the original price $4.99.  So if you’re interested…click HERE.

We only have one item left to collect….can you guess what it is?  Well be sure to stop over at J.D. Nelson’s blog tomorrow for that final item.

A special thanks goes out to the lovely BLMorticia for allowing me and Livvy to hijack her blog today….*hugs*

Hugs back. Thanks for stopping in today ladies. Anytime you wanna hijack my place, let me know!

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

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3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.


Titillating Tuesday

   For this Titillating post, I figured I’d show you my muses. Let’s start off with hottie, Colin Wayne.


I use them for my imagination and boy is he hot in the pics and in my brain.

*licks lips*

He is Jonas in my current WIP, Where There’s Smoke

And yes, he is a firefighter.The pic on the far right did it for me though. It is exactly the way I would picture Jonas Sandbauck


Hello and news!

OC Hello! Is this thing on?

*taps mic*

Yeah, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. Okay, well more than a minute. DUDE! I told Shar we needed to get back into blogging. How ELSE would we let readers know about new releases and what we’re doing? I mean, sure Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Yep, we got all of those and hey, if ya don’t, use em what’s the freaking point?

*stomps foot*

Yeah, sometimes real life gets in the way. You know real important things like, kids, husband, EDJ’s!

*grumbles* So glad I’m just a muse!

Yep, all of those will take over anything that has to do with us muses, but at least the gal has been writing.

Thankfully, under all 3 of us. Whew *wipes brow* Shar’s been working hard so what has she done for me? Well, that up there is my next book. The Odd Couple. The book is in edits so I’m hoping we’ll be able to finish it and get it out there by March 31st. Then, there is Hell Hath!




Notice the change in numbers. The Zon told Shar their system doesn’t recognize decimals so we had to change all the covers. Yep. Even though Living in Sin has very little to do with the serial killer, I had to make it book 4. So, Hell Hath is book 5. This book is about halfway done so I’m looking to finish by end of April or before. It’s an MF, but if you’ve been following the N’awlins Series, you must see this book to know what happens next. And our girl Kenina she needs some love, doesn’t she? She is definitely one of my favorite characters. Thank you Michael for letting me claim her.

As far as my own series, Metalrotica, I will be getting back to it. Hirah’s books are next up and I’m hoping to get them out for summer.(June, July, August) It will be a trilogy with The Wretched’s new ace shredder telling the tale and falling in love in the process. I also have some m/m books lined up for Metalrotica and another book for Metalerotique. I dunno if I can get them all out before the end of this year, but we’ll see. Believe me, the muses have been fighting in Shar’s head and so far, I’m winning. *laughs*

So that’s it. I have other things I’m working on but when I have more news, I’ll pass that along. Join me at this FB party to promote my next release https://www.facebook.com/events/106739743053123/ I’ll be there on March 29th!

For now, check out the N’awlins Exotica Series as well as Under the Gun which I hope to get the next book out by Fall 2016!

First Draft for Odd Couple FINISHED

12047156_10206611218294506_8605655267839185215_nSo I am DONE! Done with first draft for the Odd Couple. It turned out great in my opinion, but then again I am BIASED.

Now I’m working on a secret project, an FF and Living in Sin. I know I have waited forever to get back to Vance and Orrin. They’re cursing me out for it as we speak.


Since I’m doing an update, I can also give you the lowdown on the other two as well!

RAWIYA – Rawiya resubmitted Donuts and Latte to a publisher. Waiting for the answer. We’re also redoing the Comet story. Not sure if it will be self-pubbed or submitted.

BL – I’ll be working on Living in Sin, my FF, and once those are done, back with Remmy to do Wounded Three which is currently titled, Wounded Paths. We subbed Wounded Pride. waiting for the answer. Once Living is done, I’ll be starting on Hirah’s book.

Michael – Michael will be doing the prequel for his twins series and working on Closely Guarded, book 2 for the PROTEKT series.


When will I have time to sleep? Dunno. And NANO is around the corner. *sigh* I have no clue what I’m working on for that.


Good News 2 New WIP’s

ChrisHelmsworth54Whew, happy Saturday folks.

I’m so excited to be starting two new stories. One is with this hunk, Chris Helmsworth as a young businessman, struggling to make ends meet with his restored music, books, and instruments shop. He’s so sexy in this one and I’ve dreamt scenes with him and this man…

Jason Momoa (Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

I know, right? Why wouldn’t I want to put Chris and Jason together in a story! Actually, Shar had this one for sis Rawiya, but she realized the story didn’t fit what Rawiya usually does so, she gave it to me. Kinda cool sharing one head with 2 other muses, huh?


The story is called The Odd Couple and yes, it is kind of an m/m take on The Odd Couple show, but a completely different storyline. It was called So Perfect before, but when we wrote out details and formed the character arcs, we decided The Odd Couple would be better.

Featured Image -- 1807

Now, the other one is the follow-up to No Denying Sin. Living in Sin is mostly about Vance and Orrin working through the issues of their budding relationship. Orrin still doesn’t want to be with the man he works with and Vance hasn’t told his father about his new life partner. Michael is leaving me alone on this one so there won’t be too many mentions about the search for the serial killer, more about this couple who I have come to adore! Woohoo.

I love starting new stories. It’s kind of like having sex. You can’t wait to start and when you do, it’s a rush. Whew. I’m gonna feel it twice! Can you imagine?

Also, I have edits on Wounded Pride (Follow-up to Cyrus and Ash) and Under the Gun #2. I’m working Shar pretty hard. There’s a reason why she calls me pushy!


Wish me luck as I delve into all of these characters!