Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Okay, that’s pretty hot.

I wrote something like that in Odd Couple where Chase and Micah recorded a little fun


And I just did a freebie fanfic!

Yes I did. Of a sexy scene with two Hollywood hunks

Uh, not telling.

I’m posting it on Wattpad with all the names changed.


You’ll never know.

Titillating Tuesday NSFW

lonely girls


Hey dudes and dudettes

BL here with another Titillating post

Okay, this picture is tame but it really tells a story right?

What I wanted to post is in this link but, um…

It might’ve been too NSFW for most

Am I getting soft?

Hells no

But well, sometimes you gotta be a little careful!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Greetings folks

Welcome to BL’s today

Well, when you see this we’ll either be on a plane or waiting to get into Memphis.

Either way, Shar is going to a conference and while she’s nervous, me and the other muses are excited.

Too bad we can’t just magically appear right?

In the meantime, enjoy this hot m/m/m pic in the bathtub

This is hot. 

I wonder will my guys from Where There’s Smoke like a little threesome action in the tub.

What do you think?


Monday Mornin Muse




Happy Monday Mornin

I saw this pic and Immediately thought of Nathan and Bryant

I’m writing a special freebie for them right before Christmas.

It will be a continuation from Grinch, my highly ranked freebie on Amazon

Watch this space for it once Nano is done for Michael.