N’awlins Exotica on SALE 11/29-12/4


N’awlins Exotica on SALE!

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To celebrate Living in Sin’s release next month, I’ve decided to put all the other books on sale for 99 Cents for this week at Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords!

Here are the links





Also Mon Trois is on sale for 99 Cents at Amazon and Smashwords and the others are FREE!

Amazon (Might be still updating. Check back for the sale price)


Take advantage so you can follow the series and get ready for Living in Sin next month!

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Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Greetings Folks!

Doing the het thing right now!

A little update, first draft of Living in Sin is finished.

Going to do the second edit at the end of the week.

I’ve started Hell Hath and I’m trying a new writing style to boot!


I do love a challenge!

Time to Nano!

LivingSin1 HellHath1

Wow, is it really that time already?

November? Wait, what happened to the year? Why the heck did it fly by so quickly?

I really don’t have a clue, but November means NANO!

Although its stressful, I love a challenge and this year I’ll be pretty much doing the Nano alone.

Just in case you’re not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it is writing a novel in 30 days. All month, you’re supposed to write without stopping, barely taking a breath until you’ve made goal and/or finished the book.

Shar has done it since 2010 and we’ve completed the goal 3 out of 5 times.

Let’s go for number 4!

The books above are my Nano stories.

Living in Sin, which I’m currently working on then Hell Hath No Fury which will follow.

Not sure if I’ll get both done this month, but I need Living to be finished so I can edit and publish before Christmas

Hell Hath, I’m looking at hopefully February/March then Rawiya will close out the N’awlins Exotica series right after that.


Yep, you heard right, we’re closing this series out.

There was going to be one last book with Michael for Chief Quinn but we’ve nixed the idea, thinking this has gone on long enough.

Shar has sworn not to do another series where the stories are connected, but you know how that goes. Inspiration strikes, then WHAM! heh!

Still, Shar, we still have Under the Gun to do! That’s my series and I know you’re not gonna stop it now because it’s rolling along!

Shar: *grimaces* No, I won’t and actually, they are loosely connected.

Michael: But, Shar, we still have the PROTEKT series. It just started. I’m sure you won’t be stopping THAT now will you?

Shar: *grimaces* Oh for Pete’s sake, don’t you start too! They are loosely connected.

Haha… oh wait, did you say something Rawiya?

Rawiya: Shar, we have my Masquerade part of the series also for N’awlins Exotica. Soo, it’s not really closed out.

Shar: *grimaces* Um, Rawiya, that is indeed loosely connected and I suppose BL has misspoke in saying it closes the series out. It means that part with the serial killer will be done.

You damn muses are gonna drive me to drink!

*we muses burst out in laughter*

Okay, okay, Shar, there there.

We’ll leave you alone, for now.

Again folks, it’s time to Nano!

Wish me luck as I try to get books 3.1 and 4 done for the N’awlins series and to my fellow authors, happy NANOING!