Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Het hotness from Hirah!

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Greetings to all

Welcome to Corey’s

I’m in fill in Hirah with another sexy ass post

Hmm, you know, I’m not a fan of strangling during sex but well, I gotta admit, this is hot

He is in that, on that, wham bam, thank you ma’am

I love that he’s inked and she’s got on her shoes.

That mean’s he couldn’t wait to get the booty!

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What’s next for Metalrotica?


Whats nbext for Metalrotica and I may add, I am on hiatus from Corey and his madness!

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So, with The Wretched in the books you might be wondering what’s next for me and the Metalrotica brand. Well, that’s easy. There are still stories to be written for that douche Allen, one of which BL’s co-author decided to suggest, Brian needs a lover, and we need to tell the full story of Nicolai and Renee as well as Psychotica, Spescha, and me. And don’t forget Hirah who will be next on the docket for The Wretched Tales. She’s going to tell more about us from her point of view in Blazing Trails, Stories from Hirah Blaze. Also there will be a paperback for The Wretched with some stories called What Ifs. These are a small collection of shorts featuring characters from the Tales with different scenarios than what actually happened.

They’ll be free, no worries there.

And don’t forget about the Reluctant Groupie and Metalerotique. We have some…

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