Under the Gun re-release on 7/21!

BL Morticia Under the Gun

Under the Gun releases on 7/21

Michael’s short, sexy romance with an edge features two hot men

both searching for that special partner.

Camdyn Hardy is a former cop turned private investigator who has just suffered a setback. The man he loved, his partner in life and work, left him for a woman after caught by a client in a heated moment. He’s always known Tay was on the down low, but because of his feelings, he didn’t think their relationship would end so abruptly. Now, he is searching for another partner one fully out the closet and willing to work and live together in a committed relationship. What few know is that his affinity for guns goes beyond shooting targets at the range. Camdyn desires more and wishes for his new lover to embrace his edgy desires.

Malik Day is a newly discharged army officer dismissed for beating up a couple of gay bashers when they attacked a closeted cadet. Unfortunately, the money he has saved is not enough to live on his own, and he’s forced to move back in with his bible thumping parents, who with every turn shun his devilish ways. Their disdain pushes Malik to the brink and he leaves their home for the shooting range. After his session, he meets Camdyn Hardy and the two engage in a private conversation. Once they do, Malik discovers Camdyn has the key to his happiness. One, he needs a partner for his firm as well as in life and two, he’s looking for a man unafraid to show his true colors. Though both men know this, they’re unable to make their feelings completely known until the end, when they discover their mutual affection for weapons as well as their desire to play the dangerous game of mixing business with pleasure.

Introducing Several Edge and Entice Imprint Authors from Booktrope


Under the Gun Re-release highlighted from my friend, Cassandre Dayne!

Originally posted on Dare to Take the Plunge:

I’ve been asked recently – what is Booktrope? Booktrope is a publishing company that is an innovator in the field. The team concept, consisting of Editors, Proofreaders, Cover Designers and Book Managers is without question the best scenario I’ve ever seen. Booktrope is changing the face of the industry one book at a time. As Bethany Halle, I’m lucky enough to be the Managing Director of two Imprints – Edge and Entice. Entice is spicy erotic and Edge brings you thrillers, horror and BDSM based pieces designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. I’m so thrilled to present several books that are either in publication or soon to be. Take a peek and get ready for a wild ride.

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