Titillating Tuesday


Good morning

Well, it’s almost time for The Odd Couple to release.

Friday, actually. I’m stoked.

I’m also stoked because I have new covers for HIRAH!


So you know what that means, yep, I’ll be posting on Metalrotica again.

Starting tomorrow.

I’ll do a cover reveal of Hirah’s covers.

I’m shooting for June with her first release and the subsequent books will be released the next 2 months. So June/July/August if it falls that way.

I’m also still working on Hell Hath

Trying to get David and Kenina closer to bed.

Believe me, I’m trying!

Look out for Corey’s first post tomorrow!

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW



Good morning!

Holy hotness.

Been on vacation for the past few days and trying to get back into the swing of things.

I just got the final edits back for ODD Couple so now I’m looking for a formatter.

So hopefully we can say 1st week of May?


I hope you guys will enjoy the release

Titillating Tuesday – NSFW


Holy hotness!

This looks yummy

I’m taking a break from writing m/m for a second to finish up Hell Hath and start Hirah. Shar would like to start Hirah this week so we can get the first part done and released by June. Hell Hath has been pushed back a little. Looking at June or July right now.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates!